Aohata was founded in 1932 in Tadanoumi, Takehara City, Hiroshima Prefecture, for the purpose of canning oranges and manufacturing jams such as orange marmalade. Now, Aohata is the top brand in the Japan jam industry and the first to develop low-sugar jam, focusing on low sweetness, low-calorie jam, and jam made only from fruit and fruit juice. The founder, Yonoshin Hirohide, always said, "Because you can't see the contents of canned food, the person who manufactures it must be honest." We have always sought the highest quality through canning technology, based on the straightforward method to create safe and secure food products that make the best use of the freshness and flavour of the ingredients.

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Aohata Marugoto-Kajitsu (Whole-Fruit) Blueberry Spread
The Marugoto-Kajitsu series is a whole-fruit spread (contains 150 blueberries in a jar) that allows you to enjoy the natural sweetness and deliciousness of fruits made from fruits and juice. The sweetness that is pulled back is suppressed so that you can feel the fruitiness with a clean and neat finish. The concept of this whole-fruit spread is to always have fruit on the table to keep up with a healthy diet lifestyle.