Kewpie Singapore

Since 1925, it has been Kewpie’s corporate belief that enhancing the quality of food takes more than just transcending flavours, but it takes the mindset and the drive to prioritise the importance of maintaining great health for everyone in the family.

Kewpie Group’s goal is to continually contribute to the world’s food culture and health through great taste, empathy, and uniqueness. Both executives and employees work faithfully to provide special, choice goods and services in order to earn our customers’ trust. With that, everybody at Kewpie is proud to have inherited the beliefs of Toichiro Nakashima, the founder of Kewpie Corporation, with regard to how job motivation comes from enjoying work with people who have the same ambitions and rejoicing together in this mission.

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Kewpie Mayonnaise 500g
Kewpie mayonnaise familiar with red mesh and red cap. Since its launch in 1925, it has been constantly evolving with improvements. The richness and flavour are a unique trait of Kewpie Mayonnaise that enhances the taste of food. Kewpie have also made various efforts for containers and packaging, such as measures to prevent oxidation and double caps for easy use and enjoyment. Oxygen oxidizes mayonnaise vegetable oil and degrades its flavour.

The aluminium seal on the mouth and the bottle block oxygen and keep the taste. Oxygen is also blocked by sandwiching a layer that does not allow oxygen to pass between the polyethylene layers. A double cap with a narrow mouth when the upper lid is opened, and a star-shaped mouth when the cap is turned and removed. Use a narrow mouth to decorate the finish of the dish, and a star shape when you want to tap it.