Virtual Lesson

Bringing lessons beyond the studio. Use your regular course/package to attend virtual lesson and you can enjoy full-fledged lessons at the comfort of your home, with ingredients delivered to your doorstep.

Virtual Lesson
★ - Booking for up to 10 members
★★ - Booking for up to 8 members
★★★ - Booking for up to 6 members
Cheesy Mentaiko Pizza

Cheesy Mentaiko Pizza

Difficulty: ★★

Pizza making can be interesting when the crust, stuffed with cheese and bacon, is shaped like a wheat stalk. Topped with mochi, potatoes and broccoli mixed with a combination of mentaiko sauce and mascarpone cheese for a creamy, cheesy mouthfill.

1 whole

8 pax capacity

Choux au Craquelin

Choux au Craquelin

Difficulty: ★★★

A fragrant baked choux topped with cookie-like dough is filled with rich vanilla custard cream.

6 pieces

6 pax capacity

Cranberry Chocolate and Cheese Scones

Cranberry Chocolate and Cheese Scones

Difficulty: ★★

Make two types of scones, sweet and savoury, with plenty of butter.

8 pieces

8 pax capacity

Tuna Corn Bread

Tuna Corn Bread

Difficulty: ★

A flavourful dough made with plenty of tuna and corn mixed with tomato paste.

5 pieces

10 pax capacity





Virtual Basic Lesson will be conducted for ABC members every Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun.

*Schedule (timeslots) is subjected to changes.

Step 1: Log into member’s page ( and make a lesson booking, as per regular lesson booking. Make sure that the lesson indicate “Virtual” on your page.

Step 2: Select “Book now” and receive a confirmation booking email. Please ensure that your address has been input correctly for prompt delivery.

Cut off time for lesson booking reservation and cancellation will be by 5pm every Tue (for Thu and Fri lessons) and 5pm every Thu (for Sat and Sun lessons).

  • You can enter the room at least 10 minutes before the commencement of the lesson. Entry will be denied if the member is late for more than 10 minutes.
  • Please indicate your membership ID and name to confirm your attendance.
  • Please switch on your camera so that the instructor is able to check on your progress.
  • Please note that video and audio may be interrupted depending on the home environment. 
  • Please make sure that your mobile devices are fully charged to avoid any disruption during the lesson.
  • Recording and shooting of the lesson process are prohibited.
  • We cannot answer any questions regarding the communication environment and Zoom. For Zoom, please check the Zoom official website

If you are a member, the attendance of 1 virtual lesson (Bread Basic/ Cake Basic) will be equivalent to 1 regular lesson from your active Bread Basic/ Cake Basic course. For non-members, you may purchase the courses at any of our 3 studios or

Yes. One virtual lesson is equivalent to one regular lesson; therefore, you can advance to Master course once you have completed 24 Bread lessons, or 16 Cake lessons purchased from the Basic course (regardless of virtual lesson or lesson attended in the studio).